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This Given Life
One Catholic Life in Context

Bolton Anthony

In this literate autobiography, Second Journey founder Bolton Anthony recounts his own life’s journey amid the momentous changes that transformed the segregated South and the Catholic Church of his childhood. The book is a celebration of family, of the mentors who inspire us, of the friendships that abide. For the author, it is also a journey of self-discovery whose end, to paraphrase T.S. Eliot, is to arrive where he started and know, as if for the first time, his own gifts as a teacher and a writer.

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Reimagining Your Neighborhood
Transforming car-centric housing developments
into vibrant, verdant, sustainable communities

Bolton Anthony, Editor

From simple steps — such as creating a listserv, forming a neighborhood watch, or starting a CSA — to ambitious undertakings — such as creating a common house, an Eldercare Home, and a community energy system — the book’s 22 contributors offer a creative, incremental approach that can reinvent the existing suburban landscape, one neighborhood at a time.

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Second Journeys
The Dance of Spirit in Later Life

Bolton Anthony, Editor
Ron Pevny, Ellen Ryan, and Randy Morris, Contributing Editors

The essays, and the many poems scattered throughout this anthology — the contributions of 44 writers and poets — explore the "dance of spirit in later life." New essays, tributes to elders whose lives have been emblematic, and “invitations to practice” accompany earlier essays from Second Journey's 2011 exploration of The Spirituality of Later Life. Dip into this rich collection at any point and you will find yourself drawn to linger and reflect.

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Journeys Outward, Journeys Inward
Travel and Transformation

Penelope Bourk, Editor

The essays, poems, and visual art in this volume are the work of 24 “later-life” travelers and offer intimate witness to their transformative journeys as they encounter other lands, other cultures, other times or find ways to see with fresh eyes the rich tapestry of the world that lies near at hand.

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$15  218 pp.

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The Spiral of the Seasons
Welcoming the Gifts of Later Life

John Sullivan

 In this brief, poetic book, Second Journey’s philosopher in residence John Sullivan invites us to welcome the gifts of later life.

$15  112 pp.

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John's many contributions to the Second Journey online publication, Itineraries, may be accessed at JohnsCorner.htm

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Aging in Community

Janice Blanchard, Editor

 More books by John Sullivan

Integral Living The Fourfold Path
to Wholeness

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of the 2011 Itineraries series on THE SPIRITUALITY OF LATER LIFE is available from in book form as a print version of the individual issues.

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 Writing as a Spiritual Practice

 The Inner Work of Eldering

 Serving from Spirit

 Rites of Passage into Elderhood



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