Second Journeys
Edited by Bolton Anthony

Second Journeys:
The Dance of Spirit
in Later Life

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The circles turn,
each giving into each, into all.
Only music keeps us here,
each by all the others held.
— Wendell Berry

What is the music that

“keeps us here” in this dance of later life? What else but the stirrings of spirit? Spirit which first draws us inward, nudging us to forsake our masks, let go of our egos, and “come home to who we really are.” Spirit which then returns us to the world and to the circle of our fellow dancers, bearing our gifts to the family of the Earth.

Bolton Anthony, the editor, has worked as a teacher of English and creative writing to undergraduates, and as a public librarian, university administrator, and social change activist. He founded Second journey in 1999 and lives with his wife, Lisa, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Contributing editors include Ron Pevny, Ellen B. Ryan, Claudia Moore, and Randy Morris.

The essays along with the many poems scattered throughout this anthology — the contributions of 44 writers and poets — explore this “dance of spirit in later life.” New essays companion earlier essays from Second Journey’s 2011 exploration of The Spirituality of Later Life. All four sections contain a tribute to an elder whose life has been emblematic, each concludes with an Invitation to Practice. Interspersed throughout, authors who have been our virtual partners in the work of birthing a new vision of aging for our time offer reflections on the books from which they have drawn sustenance. Dip into this rich collection at any point and you will find yourself drawn to linger and reflect. (Click here to LOOK INSIDE.) Below is a list of authors:

 Cecile R. Andrews • Bolton Anthony 
  Angeles Arrien • Robert Atchley  Karen A. Bannister 
 Lorna Bell • Eugene Bianchi • Jim Clark • John Clarke • Betsy Crites 
  Dorthi Dunsmore • Sterling Haynes • Judith Helburn • Claudia Horwitz
Phyllis Hotch • Ellen S. Jaffe • Trebbe Johnson • Barbara Kammerlohr
Louden Kiracofe • Nina Klippel • Edith Kusnic • Drew Leder
Richard Matzkin • Harry R. Moody • Claudia Moore • Randy Morris
Grady Bennett Myers, Jr. • Carol Orsborn • Darcy Ottey • Paula Papky
Ron Pevny • Bill Plotkin • Julia B. Riley • John C. Robinson
Ellen B. Ryan • John Sullivan • Sarah Susanka • Robert Sward
Pat and Steve Taylor • Helen Vanier • Marianne Vespry
Desirι Lyners Volkwijn • Deborah Windrum • Nora Zylstra-Savage 

Dip into this rich collection at any point and you will find yourself drawn to linger and reflect.


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