Aging in Community

As 78 million Boomers turn 66 years

old at a clip of 10,000 a day, old age is about to get better! The generation that launched the Civil Rights and Women’s Movements and protested the Vietnam War has a track record of creating positive social change. Entering into our Third Age, Boomers are once again challenging the status quo by reinventing how, where, and with whom we choose to spend the rest of our lives.

In this first-of-its-kind anthology, nationally recognized writer, speaker, and consultant on aging issues, Janice Blanchard, has assembled a collection of thought-provoking essays by visionary architects and planners, academics and social scientists, social entrepreneurs and elder pioneers who are helping forge an exciting new paradigm — “aging in community.”

This 264-page book contains 23 essays and over 40 contributing authors, artists, and poets. Nine of the 23 essays included in the book appeared originally in the 2012|No. 2 issue of Itineraries, Second Journey's online publication. Excerpts from four additional essays were also included in that release, which can be accessed with this link. Not included (or not included in full) in the online release are essays by contributors below whose names are formatted in red.

• Toby Abramson • Bolton Anthony •
• Nancy Aldrich • Candace Baldwin •
Carol Barbour • William Benson • Richard Bergman •
• Janice Blanchard • Kristin Bodiford • Ben Brown •
• Tim Carpenter • Ross Chapin • Charles Durrett •
• Gaya Erlandson • Anne Glass • Marianne Kilkenny •
• Susan McWhinney-Morse • Mia Oberlink • Dene Peterson •
• Susan Poor • Joan Raderman • Teddi Shattuck •
• Phillip Stafford • Janet Stambolian • Sarah Susanka •
• Judy Willetts • Bill Thomas • Ann Zabaldo •

"If it takes a village to raise our children, then it takes a community to care for our elders."

— Janice Blanchard