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Praise for The Spiral of the Seasons

Sullivan talks about the incredible, audacious idea of being no longer in a hurry. Can we do this in America? Can we learn to take our time to feel and think deeply? This book helps you do that. Further, it inspires elders to take a special role in transforming our hurried and frenetic culture. It’s a wonderful book!

— Cecile Andrews, author of Less Is More, Slow Is Beautiful, and Circle of Simplicity

Traditionally, philosophy has offered a big promise: “the love of wisdom.” John Sullivan is one of those rare thinkers who delivers on that promise. He is a wonderful guide through the seasons of life.
— Harry R. Moody, PhD, author of The Five Stages of the Soul: Charting the Spiritual Passages That Shape Our Lives

Once in a very long while a book comes along that speaks the truth of our human journey in the simplest of words. This is such a book. I couldn’t put it down. Each quote and story, taken from a wide variety of spiritual traditions, points to the truth that we each have the opportunity to witness as we pass through life and travel into our elder years. Although written primarily for those entering the fall and winter seasons of their lives, the simple depiction of the nature of the journey we’re on is of immeasurable value to anyone wanting to learn more about the real value and meaning of our time on Planet Earth.
Aging is not, as we’ve been led to believe, a time of decline, but of opening into a vast and deep ocean where we recognize our true nature. I will be buying a lot of copies of this book, and I hope that it spreads far and wide, to help all of us understand the simple lessons of aging with arms stretched wide in welcome.
Sarah Susanka, author of The Not So Big Life and The Not So Big House series



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