Tobi Abramson, Ph.D., is Director of the Center for Gerontology and Geriatrics, an Assistant Professor of Mental Health Counseling at New York Institute of Technology, and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. For over 25 years, Dr. Abramson has served in leadership roles on numerous national boards and professional associations in the fields of gerontology, geriatric medicine, and mental health. Dr. Abramson can be reached at


The Ties That Bind

...Social capital is a critical component of successful aging. With age, the experience of loss increases at the same time one’s social network is shrinking. As a consequence, older adults may become less dependent on their individual social networks and more dependent on the social capital within their communities. Similar to social networks, social capital positively impacts both physical and mental health...

Summer 2012 Issue

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