Molly Brewer lives on Whidbey Island near Seattle, Washington, where she tends her woodland garden, hikes, works as a physical therapist specializing in craniosacral therapy, and travels as much as possible in her T@DA. She is currently exploring and becoming a “Mama sin dolo,” one of a global group of older women dedicated to nurturing “beyond pain” toward healing and wholeness

Solo Journey in a Coupled World


Thirty-four years of marriage — over — in the blink of an eye, “I’m leaving” rolling off the tongue, connected to the increasing discontent that had left only this option. Despite the rightness of the decision, shock and grief become my new companions as I gather my resources and begin to let go, to heal, to move on. Four years later, moving on has taken on a look I could never have imagined.

Winter 2013 Issue

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