"Pushing Through Solid Rock":
The burdens and benefits of the dying process

Those who have found their suffering transformed into great meaningfulness, understandably feel gratitude for having received an unexpected gift and blessing. There is yet one further possibility that I have seen happen for some. And that is that the suffering is not only transformed but is transcended...

Wesley Burwell, D.Min., spent twenty years serving four Congregational/United Church of Christ parishes in New Hampshire. For another twenty-seven years he was in private practice in New Hampshire as a Licensed Pastoral Psychotherapist. Now, in retirement, he divides his time between serving as Spiritual Care Coordinator for Seacoast Hospice, guiding Rites of Passage for elders, and his family. Wes was a a participant in Second Journey's September 2004 Visioning Council, which was held at Wisdom House in Litchfield CT, and plans to attend the October 13-16 Visioning Council on Health and Well-Being in the Second Half of Life, which will be held at the Wildacres Retreat Center in western North Carolina.

September 2005 Issue

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