After 30 years managing mental health and rehabilitation programs, Carol Cober now combines her work as a researcher at Westat Inc. with her private practice as a body-centered therapist at a wellness center. Her work at AARP on wellness, widowed persons programs, and long-term care led to her current research evaluating aging in community and preventing elder abuse. She co-leads mindful watercolor painting retreats, incorporating Rosen Method bodywork, at Blueberry Gardens, a Wellness Center located on an organic blueberry farm in Ashton, Maryland.

Everyday Mysticism

It inspires me to witness what can happen if we are still enough and open enough to the inward process. Connecting with what is deep within us opens up possibilities. Into the expanded awareness that Silence creates, there arises something new. Although we may not approach a time of inner exploration with any outcome in mind, this often is the result. I believe ordinary or everyday mystics learn how tending this inner process leads to outer connection, outer service.

Summer 2011 Issue

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