After Penn (BS), Columbia (MA), and the Peace Corps in Iran, I became forever fascinated by Islam and Islamic architecture. My work, however, took me into the field of career and life design, that grew to include teaching, life story writing, painting, leading programs in life direction using writing and art, stinting at Harvard for 15 years, presenting at national conferences, winning grants for my public art and social justice projects, and leading life-direction programs to Morocco. I run Lifeworks Career & Life Design in Belmont, MA where I have a private practice while also consulting to myriad organizations. And because I trade in new ideas, I’m drawn to adventures that lead me to them.

The Mirror of Travel:
Seeing Myself in The Face of Morocco

So why have I come, and why in this manner? There are many reasons I know about. My deep interest in Islamic architecture and Middle East culture nurtured from my Peace Corps years in Iran . . . my interest in the life cycle and the voyages implicit with each life stage . . . my belief in the vivid language of color and form to convey meaning . . . and my professional yakking to life-design clients and program participants about the advantages of intentional travel. For these “known” reasons I have come to Morocco while suspecting that others lie out of reach...

Winter 2013 Issue

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