Helen Harkness, Ph.D., founded Career Design Associates, Inc. (CDA) in 1978. She is a futurist, consultant, researcher, experienced speaker, teacher, writer, and a pioneer in the development and implementation of career management programs. She has worked with more than 10,000 clients by looking at the realities of today's workplace in light of her intuitive eye for what's next. Her books include Capitalizing on Career Chaos, Don't Stop the Career Clock, and The Career Chase. Dr. Harkness currently broadcasts a weekly show, discussing current career issues affecting the workplace on responsibleradio.com. Visit her website at www.career-design.com.


Passionate Pursuit of Purpose

Though painful, frequently fearful, and characterized by a “miserable middle,” discovering the purpose you can pursue with passion requires activating a major step of growth, creativity, coherence, and order...

Summer 2009 Issue

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