Judith Helburn has worked closely with elders in a number of ways. She is a Certified Sage-ing Leader, active in the Sage-ing Guild at different times as Chair of the Coordinating Circle and Training Coordinator, and currently Editor of the quarterly newsletter. This past October, she shared the first SG Reb Zalman Leadership Award, She has facilitated the senior programming at her congregation for 12 years and has worked twice a month with an Alzheimer's respite program since its inception. She has also been President of the international Story Circle Network and leads a monthly writing circle.

Healing the World

I came to introspection late in life. The whirlwind of life was too exciting, too invigorating for me to slow down enough to look within. For me, it was about action. I was a doer. I didn’t know that to be a whole being, I also needed stillness and quiet. I didn’t know that I needed to listen to inner voices as well as those out there. Yet, through the first seasons of my years, I was seeking I knew not what. It was in the autumn of my life — in what my teacher and mentor, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, calls “harvest time” — that I realized that one could both do and be.

Summer 2011 Issue

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