After playing leadership roles in government and education for more than two decades, Jan Hively received her PhD in Education for Work and Community from the University of Minnesota in 2001 at age 69. During the last decade, she has co-founded three organizations dedicated to empowering older adults: the Vital Aging Network; the Minnesota Creative Arts and Aging Network, now called Artsage; and the SHiFT network empowering midlife transitions in life and work. Now living on Cape Cod, Jan has recently focused on engaging older adult leadership through global networking.

We Are the Ones — Working Together


I progress in life from one “Aha!” to another as I read or hear wise words that speak to my experience and generate a new way of looking at the world. Thirty years ago, in my fifties, as a community planner, I felt deeply moved when I read these words from a Hopi Elder: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” . . .

Winter 2013 Issue

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Meaningful Work...
Paid or Unpaid, Through the Last Breath...

Whether paid or unpaid, “work” is your productivity that benefits you and/or your family and/or your employer and/or your community. You tend to see your work as “meaningful” when you are applying your skills in a focused effort to produce what you perceive to be beneficial results. What taps your special passion will be most meaningful. For all of us, as David Whyte writes, “work provides an opportunity for discovering and shaping a place where the self meets the world.”

Winter 2008 Issue

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