Kurt Hoelting is an Alaskan wilderness guide, meditation teacher, and climate activist with a passion for adventure and a lifelong commitment to the restoration of our planet home. He lives on an island in Puget Sound and is the author of The Circumference of Home: One Manís Yearlong Quest for a Radically Local Life.

The Circumference of Home

Six weeks into my year of local living, I can begin to feel the pace of my body slowing down. The inner residue of hurry and restlessness is gradually seeping out of my nervous system. It is a subtle shift, and it has taken this long to begin registering in my conscious mind. I am able to sit still for longer periods. My mind is more available to what I am seeing. With less wanting of things to be different, less pursuit of external stimulation, I simply see more of what is right in front of me...

Winter 2013 Issue

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