Ellen S. Jaffe is a writer, teacher, and psychotherapist living in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She grew up in New York City and spent several years in England. Her published books include: Writing Your Way: Creating a Personal Journal; Water Children and Skinny-Dipping with the Muse (poetry); and Feast of Lights, a young adult novel. She has also published poetry and prose in many journals and anthologies, and teaches writing in schools and community organizations.

Unfortunately, Writing Your Way and Feast of Lights are now out of print, but Feast of Lights may soon be released as an e-book. To order Skinny-Dipping With the Muse, please contact Bryan Prince Booksellers (1-800-867-0090) or staff@princebooks.net. To contact Ellen directly, please visit her website, where you can learn more about her work and use the contact form there: www.ellen-s-jaffe.com.

Writing Your Way:
A Guide to Writing and Aging with Spirit


We often turn to writing and other art forms at turning-points in life — adolescence and sexual flowering, love, birth of children and grandchildren, illness, loss and grief, growing old. We find words and images for our deepest, most joyful or devastating feelings, and this can help us go through these times without getting so lost... As we age, we tend to look both backwards and forwards, and also to see the present with new eyes — and writing can help us come to terms with the self we are now becoming. Finding the “right” word or combination of words can be a kind of “open sesame” to the treasure-trove of understanding.

Winter 2011 Issue

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