Marianne Kilkenny is a speaker, coach, and educator who works with groups and individuals looking for alternative models for living in communities in later life. Formerly a Human Resource executive in California, she currently lives in Asheville, NC, where she co-founded the Asheville Communities Network in 2006 and the Women FOR Living in Community Network in 2009. This later organization has offered events in both Asheville, NC, and Sarasota, FL, and is looking to spread the word through speaking, workshops, and online webinars and videos. The collaborative household in which Marianne has lived since January 2011 (after this article was written) was featured last year on NBC Nightly News.


From Dreaming to Doing

My quest to live in community kicked into gear when my parents died about five years ago. Because I had no children, Id spent many years talking to my friends about emulating the Golden Girls (though maybe with separate dwellings!). It was suddenly time to do something about it. No time to waste.

Winter 2012 Issue

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