Edith Kusnic has been working in adult and community education for over 35 years asking questions about how to foster the natural human learning process, build communities of active learners, and empower people to build the lives and world they want. She has a BA in History and an MA in Educational Philosophy and Design and a lifelong interest in the dynamic relationship between society and the individual.

What a Long, Strange Trip Itís Been:
Finishing Our Generationís Work

An image has been slowly forming in my mind, over the past few years — an image that paints a picture for me of the remarkable collective history of my generationís lifetime. One of the pleasantly surprising gifts of aging is this much broader perspective that allows one to see the Big Story of oneís life and the times and their inextricable interconnection. Itís as if pieces of a puzzle have slowly become visible one by one.

Fall 2011 Issue

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