Richard J. Leider is the founder and Chairman of The Inventure Group, a coaching and consulting firm in Minneapolis, MN. Consistently rated as one of the top executive educators and coaches in the world, Richard has a worldwide practice working with leaders from major organizations. His eight books include Repacking Your Bags,  The Power of Purpose, Claiming Your Place at the Fire, and Something to Live For.

The Purpose Choice: Keeping the Flame Alive


Since the dawn of civilization, elders have sat around fires discussing and debating the essential choices. There is an evolving elder within each of us, and there is a danger of losing contact with that core in ourselves. As Carl Jung warned, “Every human being has a two-million-year-old man within himself, and if he loses contact with that two-million-year-old self, he loses his real roots”...

Fall 2011 Issue

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