Randy Morris, Ph.D., is a core faculty member at Antioch University Seattle where he supervises a Spiritual Studies program and teaches classes on depth psychology, the history of ideas, and liberal arts. He also serves as President of the Board of Rite of Passage Journeys, an organization dedicated to the renewal of rites of passage across the lifespan. He has been guiding vision quests for over 15 years.


Earth Elder Initiation

The call to elderhood is archetypal in nature; it springs from the instinctual, animal body of a human being who is in touch with himself and with a “sacred other.” It can be discerned in dreams, visions, strong emotions of grief and joy, synchronicities, epiphanies, and other manifestations of the unconscious... To be able to perceive this call and respond to it requires that one be conscious of the very possibility of a “sacred other”...

Winter 2014 Issue

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Rites of Passage in Elderhood

To live out of the story of the Great Turning is to say that we are on the verge of a rite of passage for the human species as a whole. “We are living,” as Jung said, “in the right moment for a metamorphosis of the gods.” Thomas Berry said it a different way: “In the 20th century, the glory of the human has become the desolation of the earth. The desolation of the earth has become the destiny of the human.” To make a shift of this magnitude requires wisdom, and the wisdom-keepers in every tradition known to the history of humanity are the elders.

Fall 2011 Issue

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