Meg Newhouse is a nationally known pioneer in Third-Age LifeCrafting and an experienced group facilitator, teacher, coach, and program designer. As a catalyst for living with passion, purpose and grace after 50, she gives talks and workshops, writes, and consults to organizations, helping people create vital, fulfilling later lives that express who they are and how they want to contribute. She is currently working on a book on purposeful legacy. The founder of the Life Planning Network, she is the co-author of Life Planning for the Third Age: A Design Guide and Toolkit. Meg holds a BA from Wellesley College, MAT from Harvard University, and PhD in political science from UCLA. She is an avid learner/seeker on many fronts, a serious amateur flutist, and devoted friend, family member and grandmother. Visit her website at


Legacies of the Heart: The Flip Side of Purpose


Among the things that make the "second journey" something to anticipate rather than dread are the developmental "tasks" or "urges" that come with the territory. Most salient among these catalysts to continued growth are finding purpose and leaving a legacy...

Summer 2009 Issue

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Life Planning for the Third Age

We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift from a deficit model of aging and retirement to a model of continued growth, contribution, and possibility, which features meaningful work as an essential piece. The time is ripe, and the need is clear...

Winter 2008 Issue

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