Berta Parrish, Ed.D, is an educator with over 35 years' experience helping people create and maintain their dreams. Berta has written articles on spiritual journaling, women’s issues, and Wise Woman ceremonies for local and national magazines. In her book, Wise Woman's Way, she uses her background in Jungian psychology and transformative learning to explore the uncharted territory of life after 60. Berta Parish lives near San Luis Obispo, CA. Information about the Wise Woman’s Way and workshops and events that feature Berta may be found at

Celebration of Age: A Wise Woman Ceremony

Now is the time to celebrate, to honor this important transition, and to deepen our pledge to think, feel, and relate more and more as initiated female elders. Although this ceremony was highly personalized with symbols and prayers that are meaningful for us, it includes the necessary features of any sacred ceremony...

Winter 2012 Issue

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