Dene Peterson, a former Glenmary Sister, is the founder and developer of ElderSpirit Communityģ in Abingdon, Virginia. Her professional background is in fundraising and administration of nonprofit organizations. She has won national recognition for her work with Head Start, community mental health, family planning, and neighborhood organization. Dene serves on the boards of the Aging in Community Network and Second Journey, and she has been honored with a Life-Achievement Award from the National Cohousing Organization.


Lessons of an Accidental Developer

My mother used to tell everybody that Iíve been ďan administrator since the age of two.Ē As a child, those qualities probably didnít always endear me to adults. Nor — once is was an adult — to job supervisors. But they were exactly those traits, refined over the years, that served me well in my unexpected career as an accidental real estate developer....

Summer 2012 Issue

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