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Ron Pevny, M.A., has for forty years been dedicated to assisting people in negotiating life transitions as they create lives of purpose and passion. He is Founding Director of the Center for Conscious Eldering, based in Durango, Colorado. He is also a Certified Sage-ing® Leader, was the creator and administrator of the twelve-organization Conscious Aging Alliance, and has served as the host/interviewer for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Transforming Aging Summits presented by The Shift Network. He is author of Conscious Living, Conscious Aging: embrace and savor your next chapter, published in 2014 by Beyond Words/Atria Books.  Ron has presented many conscious eldering programs at Ghost Ranch and other retreat centers around North America over the past fifteen years.

Releasing the Past

A core tenet of conscious eldering is that the work that prepares us to be at peace as we leave this life is the same work that prepares us to become conscious elders. It involves healing our past and leaving behind our self-identification with our previous life stage. Once done, we can move without encumbrance into the mysterious next chapter that awaits us...

Winter 2014 Issue

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The Art of Pilgrimage
Meeting Ancient Wisdom in Copper Canyon

In contrast to a “tour”, a pilgrimage is a journey to touch and be touched by the sacred; as such, it is deeply grounded not in doing, but in being. The known must be left behind, and Mystery surrendered to and embraced. It is journeying with the intention of being fully alive and present to the guidance, mystery, magic, and transformative potential of each moment and each experience...

Winter 2013 Issue

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Portals to Conscious Elderhood

Throughout most of known human history, cultures marked life’s significant changes with rites of passage or initiation. Extensive physical, psychological, and spiritual preparation was followed by an intense, spiritually charged ceremonial rite of passage, which most commonly took place in a wilderness setting away from the village. The intent was both to mark the fact that a major life transition was occurring and to consciously embrace his or her new life role...

Fall 2011 Issue

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The Inner Work of Eldering

The aging process seems to bring out either the worst or the best in people — magnifying and emphasizing the flaws and shadow elements of some of us; amplifying the wisdom, radiance, and compassion in others. The question carried by those of us committed to becoming peaceful, fulfilled elders is, “How can my aging bring out the best in me?”

Spring 2011 Issue

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Claiming our Elderhood:
Growing Elder and Not Just Older

The rapidly increasing number of baby-boomers questioning the mainstream contemporary models for aging have a sense — sometimes a vague yearning tinged with frustration and fear, sometimes a persistent deep feeling of inner calling — that there are more possibilities for their senior years than are generally recognized and supported.


Winter 2006 Issue

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