Jan Phillips is a prolific writer and retreat director who connects the dots between creativity, spirituality, and social action. Her most recent books include No Ordinary Time: The Rise of Spiritual Intelligence and Evolutionary Creativity; Divining the Body; and Marry Your Muse: Making a Lasting Commitment to Your Creativity. She has taught in over 25 countries, and her work appears in many newspapers and journals.

Change by the Way

Every transformation in my life so far has something to do with travel. Every journey has led to the uprooting of some ideas and the seeding of some others. It happens predictably, whether Im staying within the confines of my own country or venturing out where visas and passports are required. It seems to be the rule of movement: If I leave behind the known for a jaunt into the unknown and keep my eyes and ears opened again and again I am changed by the act of moving through the mystery

Winter 2013 Issue

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