Debbie Ramsdell, lived in Charlotte for 46 years and has lived in Champlain Valley Cohousing since 2006. Her daughter and family live in Bristol, VT, a 30-minute drive away, and her son-in-law Simbo (from Guinea, West Africa) leads an African Dance and Drum troupe in which she is a drummer. She also sells old-fashioned wooden clothes drying racks that are made by Simbo: Her son and his wife live in Hawaii! She can be reached by e-mail: For information on joining CVC, please see and contact Larilee Suiter at

Living in Champlain Valley Cohousing

“Yes, the people are great, the land is great, the children are great (I love it that we are intergenerational), the farm is great, the community of Charlotte is great, Vermont is great, but the greatest feature by far is that we govern ourselves by the Dynamic Governance (DG) system.”

Winter 2012 Issue

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