Julia Riley, RN, MN, is a holistic nurse, professional speaker, Certified Sage-ing Leader, and author of Communication in Nursing. Her Sage-ing® journey led her to explore expressive arts in healing. She facilitates expressive arts in end-of-life care; teaches a nursing course, Expressive Arts in Healing, at the University of Tampa.

Forgiveness... The Gift You Give Yourself

. . . at a week-long Spiritual Eldering workshop, I heard Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi introduce the concept of forgiveness by saying, “Not forgiving someone is like stabbing yourself in the stomach to hurt the person standing behind you.” What could this mean? What about righteous indignation? What about “unforgiveable” transgressions? What would it mean to forgive? Would that mean condoning the act? This began my ongoing journey to understand, practice, and facilitate the process of forgiveness.

Spring 2011 Issue

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