"Like old age, community is not for the faint of heart"
Reflections of a movement communitarian

...living in community is a political act. It's an attempt to integrate one's values into everyday life. At my community we pay close attention to where our food comes from (we grow about 80% of what we eat) and where our waste goes (we have a commitment to not export garbage; what we can't recycle, we landfill on our own land, so we can face the consequences of our choices)...

The author, Laird Schaub, has been living in the fire of intentional community since 1974. Involved with the Fellowship for Intentional Community from its inception in 1986, Laird continues today through his work as a consultant to share the wisdom learned from intentional  community with groups and individuals across North America. His "reflections" are taken from his remarks at Second Journey's May Visioning Council.

Summer 2005 Issue

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