Paul J. Severance founded United Senior Action of Indiana in 1979 and served as executive director until his retirement in 2004. He has also served on both the board and executive committee of the National Coalition of Consumer Organizations on Aging (a unit of the National Council on Aging) and as a member of the Consumer Action Board of the Medicare Rights Center. Currently, Severance is board chair for the Sage-ing Guild, a national organization devoted to conscious aging and the teachings of Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Answering Our Call from the Future

There is a principle which anthropologists tell us has operated in our societies for over 99 percent of human history. This principle has been central to human societies scattered throughout the world from the Kalahari Desert of Africa to the pueblos of the American Southwest, from the rain forests of South America to the Arctic North. The principle: Elders have a special responsibility for the young people of the tribe and generations as yet unborn

Summer 2011 Issue

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