Janet Stambolian, M.Ed., is Director of Business Development for Mackenzie Architects. She has devoted her 35-year career in construction, project management, marketing, and business development to creating environments that enhance the quality of life, promote meaningful intergenerational connection, and tread lightly on the environment. A lifelong community builder, Janet connects and engages people in a common goal through a team-centered, holistic approach. She works to expedite the design, development, and construction of new models of communities nationally. Contact Janet at 802-578-6255 or jstambolian@mackenziearchitects.com.


Back to the Garden:
Woodstock Nation Values Re-emerge

For the past 40 years . . . idealistic boomers have retained their commitment to the values that inspired them during the amazing period of transformation and expansion in their youth. The time is now for planners, architects, developers, and builders to work diligently and help those who want to “get back to the garden” do so with a strong sense of community, meaning, and full engagement. . .

Summer 2012 Issue

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