Larilee Suiter lives in Champlain Valley Cohousing, a nurturing pedestrian-centered community with 14 attached units, a large common house (pending), and 12 individual lots around an extensive central green with 115 acres preserved forever for wildlife corridors and farming. One town house and three building lots are still available for purchase. In addition to several edits to the original article, Larilee adds: “I have lived in cohousing using Dynamic Governance now for 7 years and continue to find it stimulating, affirming, and compatible with my deepest beliefs.”

Dynamic Governance: Key to a Nurturing Community

Suburban life was barely tolerable for this misplaced zygote. I sent my kids to Quaker-founded Farm and Wilderness Camp in Vermont. I yearned to be with them in that effective intentional community. Then I read about cohousing in the mid-eighties and immediately determined I would someday live in one...

Winter 2012 Issue

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