Margaret Owen Thorpe is a remarkable mind who weaves information into original, and often surprising, pictures and patterns. Yet she is no pedant. Rather, she comes from people who were "colorful characters" . . . always ready to spin a yarn. Her writing includes original commentary, feature stories about people and businesses, history, and practical guides. She has been a developer, manager, and executive in state and county government. She then went to the private sector to work in health care, doing market development for a start-up company now ranked in the Fortune 500. She is now an independent advisor, working with the University of St. Thomas Small Business Development Center in Minneapolis. She remains the historian she was educated to be, hunting ancestors and their antics. She also volunteers with Feline Rescue, Inc., in St. Paul.

Bird Wisdom

People we deem wise appear calm and in charge because they do not need to frantically scratch in piles of data to find the pony. They arenít fretting about corporate colleagues wearing white socks with dress shoes or whether or not the receptionist will remember to water the plants...

Fall 2009 Issue

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