Trebbe Johnson is the author of The World is a Waiting Lover and the director of Vision Arrow, an organization offering journeys to explore wildness and allurement in nature and self. She leads vision quests, workshops, and ceremonies worldwide, from Ground Zero in New York City to the Sahara Desert. A passionate explorer of outer as well as inner frontiers, Trebbe has camped alone in the Arctic Circle, written a speech for Russian cosmonauts to broadcast to the U.N. from Mir on Earth Day, and hiked through Greece. She teaches workshops on desire, allurement, and the figure of the beloved throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas, and has written on a wide variety of topics for numerous national publications. She lives with her husband in rural northeastern Pennsylvania. Visit her website at


Walking Like Lions


Stepping into the wild of ourselves is stepping into a mystery that we can never solve but must ceaselessly explore. Itís an act that demands a combination of daring and faith...

Spring 2009 Issue

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Stepping toward the Sunrise

I often tell people that the single most important challenge and subsequent reward that we can give ourselves is to do one thing every day that we are afraid to do ó and know we must do. In this way we keep stepping beyond the limiting boundaries we set for ourselves and move out into ever-widening circles of creativity, community, learning, teaching, giving, loving...

Fall 2007 Issue

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