Cynthia Trenshaw lives on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound and is a teaching colleague of PeerSpirit, Inc., specializing in issues of aging. She is certified by the State of Washington as a Professional Guardian for elders and a registered nursing assistant. She is nationally certified as a hospital chaplain and a massage therapist. For several years she was chaplain of a 200-bed nursing home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and later became a teaching practitioner at the Care Through Touch Institute in San Francisco, serving homeless people on the streets, under the viaducts, and in the shelters of the Bay Area. She earned her master's degree from the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley in 1998 just before she turned 56. Her master's thesis focused on Circle as a spiritual practice. A Harvest of Years, her short guide to working with circle groups, may be purchased through Amazon. Visit her website.


Quiddler and Tap-dancing Clowns


The guest editor of the Spring 2007 issue of Itineraries interviews two recent arrivals on Whidbey Island for their views on “starting over” in later life.

Spring 2007 Issue

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Proactive Aging “Circles of Caring”

As we age, one of our greatest fears is that of isolation and invisibility; our hunger for intimate community is palpable. That “look” says “I don't want to be alone” and “Does anyone else ponder aging as I do?” and “I want to share my wisdom and my concerns and my joys and grief.”

Fall 2006 Issue

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