Marianne Vespry is one of the editors of Celebrating Poets Over 70, published in 2010. She worked as a librarian, editor, and administrator in Canada and abroad. Her final 13 years before retirement were spent with the United Nations regional office in Bangkok. In addition to poetry she has published abstract bulletins, thesauri, community editorials in the Hamilton Spectator (Ontario), and a fantasy novel.

Celebrating Poets Over 70 began for me as an accidental project. I was feeling that I could and should move on after my husband’s death. At a Tower Poetry meeting Ellen Ryan described her vision of an elder-anthology, and then asked if I would edit it. Of course I don’t step into such commitments blindly: I ask myself “Why not?” and allow at least 10 seconds to pass to see if any compelling negatives present themselves. Nothing. I said “Yes.”

Winter 2011 Issue

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