Writer, painter, and naturalist Frances Wood has published four books including Brushed by Feathers: A Year of Birdwatching in the West. Frances helped originate the radio series called BirdNote, which airs daily throughout the United States, and she has written over 100 on-air scripts. An avid naturalist, Frances coordinates a seabird research project of the 1,000 guillemots that breed on Whidbey Island, where she lives and enjoys nature.

How Far Must We Go?

Suddenly, the bus jerked to the right, as if to avoid an unexpected obstacle. I gasped. Then I froze as the bus plunged off the road. It hung in mid air. Then banged, side over side down a cliff. Bodies and luggage flew into the air and thudded against the bus frame. Windows smashed. I pleaded, “Dear God, save us!” My shoulder banged against something hard — probably the bus ceiling — and I instinctively raised my hand to protect my face.

Winter 2013 Issue

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