Ann Zabaldo, M.A., is a national leader in the cohousing movement. She is past-president of The Cohousing Association of the United States and is a founder and current board member of Mid-Atlantic Cohousing, a regional non-profit organization. A specialist in outreach, education, and marketing, Ann is a certified facilitator for McCamant & Durrett’s Senior Cohousing Study Group workshops. Ann was also on the development team for both Eastern Village Cohousing in Silver Spring, MD and Takoma Village Cohousing in Washington, DC where she lives. Contact Ann at


Life in Takoma Village Cohousing

You can do cohousing anywhere. While there are architectural design principles — front porches, central courtyards, or green spaces; parking relegated to the exterior of the community; core principles of spontaneous sharing, spontaneous support, commitment to neighborliness, bottom-up governance; shared work maintaining the community — all these can be practiced in any housing or neighborhood situation.

Summer 2012 Issue

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Romancing the Developer
A very brief look at what it takes to get a date!

The first thing to remember is that development is a business, and every business has to have a firm grasp of its resources: land, labor, capital, and time. Cohousing development is no exception. Your job is to help the prospective developer, lender(s), and investor(s) see that you have considered each of these categories and that working with you will address his/her needs...

Winter 2012 Issue

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