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Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with you one wild and precious life.

— Mary Oliver

Welcome to the Founder's page

Bolton Anthony, who founded Second Journey in 1999, worked previously as a teacher of English and creative writing to undergraduates, a public librarian, a university administrator, and a social change activist. In 1998, he was privileged to lead a year-long community effort to solemnly commemorate the Wilmington (NC) coup and racial violence of 1898. He is the editor and a principal contributor to Second Journeys: The Dance of Spirit in Later Life (2013), Reimagining Your Neighborhood: Transforming car-centric housing developments into vibrant, verdant, sustainable communities (2015), and the author of the autobiography, This Given Life: One Catholic Life in Context. He lives with his wife, Lisa, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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The Dance of Spirit in Later Life
2013 No. 4

But there is also this paradox: Though our survival dance is about constructing an ego that allows us to “succeed in the world,” if we wish to “graduate” and move on to our sacred dance, we almost always need to fail at the task. That’s because, as Richard Rohr writes, “The way up is the way down”...

How to Watch a Movie
2013 No. 3

Experimenting further (this time without benefit of cannabis), I allowed my former wife to lead me — blindfolded — into a theater, plop me down in a seat, and remove the blindfold only after the movie titles had ended. I then proceeded to have one of the most memorable movie experiences of my life...

Creating Community in Later Life
Summer 2012

Later life is less about experience and more about meaning. . . If we are to create new friendships in later life, we must consciously create new shareable experiences. If they are to be deep friendships, they must be around experiences that engage our deepest, emergent self. That’s probably not golf — or, more generally, leisure and consumption. . . [But] it may be those things which have to do with “work, love and learning. . .”

Remembering Christopher
Summer 2011

What kindles our compassion and spurs us — often against our own narrow self-interest — to act for the sake of another is always a part of our own unique story. Why this movement of grace happens in some lives and not others is shrouded in mystery. But some lives do shine, some lives do sparkle. More than others...

Walking Our Talk
Prescriptions for Responsible Living

Winter 2011

. . . powerful incentives to change are activated when our sense of the possible is expanded and we glimpse better, more fulfilling ways of living, grounded in a celebration of genuine community. . .

Leaving Florence
Summer 2010

When the great Italian artist, Michelangelo, was asked how he created his masterpiece, David, he replied: “I simply removed everything that was not David”... The sculpture was already contained within the block of marble; his task was to allow it to emerge. . .

Anne Tyler's Compass
Spring 2010

Becoming old is not the same thing as becoming an elder. We do the first just by putting in our time... Coming to wisdom is a much more mysterious process. . .

Second Journeys
Winter 2010

The temptation... is to try to repeat himself: to live the second half of life as he had the first — to rely on that same repertoire of skills that had served him well, not recognizing that some tectonic shift had occurred in his life...

Excavations in Three Parts
Summer 2009

The great reward from mining our life experience comes when we strike that vein of purpose and find that the seemingly diffused endeavors and commitments of our life cohere and a hidden pattern is revealed...

No Longer at Ease
Reflections on Hurricane Katrina

Fall 2005

Like anyone who has spent time in New Orleans — who has had the peculiar experience of walking up, not down, to the river — I knew what disaster waited if the city took a direct hit from so fierce a storm and the waters topped the levees...

Motorcycle Granny: A cautionary tale
Summer 2005

“I’m going to follow you home. That’s what I’m going to do: follow you home and beat your ass.” Then she formed her hand into a gun, pointed it at the woman and “fired.”

Love in Later Life
Spring 2005

Had I seen the tag line of her online profile, “Aphrodite in search of Adonis,” I might never have made the initial overture. “I am certainly not Adonis,” I later wrote her, “and I doubt I’m looking for Aphrodite. Demeter is probably more my speed.”